Last update : 06.12.2022

The results of the consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities

Information on consideration of appeals in 2017

Over the past year, justice bodies have received 95,090 appeals, which is to 5 percent less than in 2016. 76,092 (80%) of the appeals were resolved on the merits, the rights of more than 17 thousand citizens and entrepreneurs were restored as a result of taken measures.

On 58,138 (61.1%) appeals  legal interpretations were provided, 14,609 (15.3%) appeals were sent to competent authorities.  78,037 of all appeals received are complaints, 16,609 are applications, 444 are proposals.

30,620 appeals were received via Virtual Reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 12,443 appeals via the Government portal, 3,631 appeals from the People's Reception, 2,180 appeals via the helpline, 1,494 appeals through the virtual reception of the Minister of Justice.

As a result of consideration of appeals, 963 illegal documents of state bodies and local khokimiyats were terminated. 5,571 claims in the amount of 44.9 billion soums brought to the courts were satisfied. 6 persons were brought to the criminal, 121 persons to administrative, 4 111 persons to disciplinary responsibility. 69.5 billion soums returned.

When analyzing the appeals received via the Virtual Receptions, it was found out that the most appeals were on the activities of the Civil Registry Offices and amounted to 1,428 applications (26.1%). There were received 1 169 appeals were received (22%) in the sphere of activity of notary offices.

A new, modern system of dialogue with people and organizing propaganda activities has been introduced.

The creation of the group “Adliya Bilan Mulokot/Dialogue with Justice” in the social network “Facebook” created a new and operational system of work with appeals, proposals and objections of the population in various fields. On this group the received appeals, proposals and reflections of individuals and legal entities are considered, the corresponding assessment is given.

As a result of the analysis of the dynamics of the increase in the number of appeals and the reasons for their occurrence, dozens of draft legal acts were developed. In particular,

  • in order to prevent a large number of appeals concerning the payment of alimony and increase a responsibility of alimony payers, a draft law on the improvement of legislation in the field of alimony payment was drafted and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers;

  • in order to prevent an increase in queues at notary public offices, which are the main source of dissatisfaction of citizens, the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposals on the abolition of notarization of documents provided for in Government decisions;

  • to prevent an increase in the number of applications related to the activities of notaries, a system of electronic Queuing for the reception of a notary in the city of Tashkent via Single portal of interactive public services has been introduced.