Last update : 03.12.2022

Press Service

Head of Press Service - Urinbaeva Sevara Kuchkaralievna

Contact phone of the Information Service: (0371) 207-04-54


Press service of the Ministry of Justice organizes its work in accordance with the Presidential Decree dated August 23, 2011 and according to the new Regulation on Press Service, approved by the Minister of Justice on September 22, 2011.

Press service


  • participation of the Press service in the formation and implementation of the information policy determined by the administration of the Ministry of Justice;

  • ensuring the publication in the national media of legal acts in the sphere of activity of the system of the Ministry of Justice;

  • coverage in national and foreign media of relevant aspects of the Ministry's system;

  • continuous improvement of the activities of the Ministry's existing web resources on the Internet;

  • periodic study of public opinion on the Ministry and its bodies and making proposals to the Ministry's administration on their results;

  • analysis of the attitude of national and foreign media to the Ministry and its bodies, informing the administration of the Ministry;


  • preparation and publication of printed materials together with the institutions and territorial administrations of the Ministry, as well as national and foreign media, and ensuring the broadcast of television and radio programs about the justice system;

  • collection and processing by the information service together with other units and departments of the Ministry of information necessary for the effective organization of its tasks;

  • organization of press conferences, briefings and distribution of press releases through mass media in cooperation with the bodies and institutions of justice;

  • participation in preparing television and radio programs on the activities of the justice system;

  • participation in the preparation and provision of the video clips aimed at improving the legal literacy of citizens;

  • organization of press conferences, briefings and other meetings of the management and senior officials of the Ministry with the media;

  • analysis of positive and critical media reports on the activities of the Ministry's system and presentation of information to the administration of the Ministry;

The Press service carries out its activities directly, and in collaboration with departments of the Central Office of the Ministry, bodies and institutions of justice, relevant services of other ministries and departments.

The Press service, within the limits of its authority, cooperates with national and foreign information agencies and the media for the full and objective preparation of materials on activities of the Ministry's system, and also reviews the applications and requests for assistance.

Maintains the website of the Ministry ( with information together with the Legal Information Center.