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Eradicating corruption: consistently and decisively

At the ceremonial meeting devoted to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the head of state emphasize that today we are mobilizing all the forces and opportunities for the broad introduction of the principle "Our priority is law and justice, punishment for crime is inevitable". Within the framework of the work carried out in this direction, the President emphasized the creation of a unified system to combat corruption.

Modification of provisions on stabilization clause in the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on investments

Capital inflows from abroad are an important tool for a developing country such as Uzbekistan to improve its economic situation.

Forensic genetic (DNA) examination

Since 2000, in the Republican center of judicial examination of the Republic of Uzbekistan functioning in the laboratory "Forensic biological examination of human DNA".

Public administration reform

It is not the people who should serve the state bodies, but the state bodies that should serve the people.

It is not the people who should serve the state bodies, but the state bodies that should serve the people.

The fundamental changes in the socio-economic and political sphere, the establishment of the institution of private property that have occurred in our society during the years of Independence have predetermined the development of legislation on inheritance. At the same time, human rights and interests are at the centre of democratic reforms in Uzbekistan. The systemic changes have included significant judicial and legal reforms, which were one of the key priorities of the democratic renewal and modernization of the country.

Effective legal advocacy system

As a result of the work carried out in the country to raise awareness of the law among citizens, the sense of respect for the law has increased. The resolution of the head of our state "on measures for radical improvement of the system of dissemination of acts of legislation" dated February 8, 2017 is aimed at this purpose

"Improvement of the judicial system of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a requirement of the time!»

The reforms carried out during the years of independence of our country have contributed to the democratization and liberalization of the judicial and legal sphere, increasing the role and importance of the judiciary in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. At the same time, modern requirements and strategic priorities of the country's development required further improvement of the judicial system.

A new stage in the reform of public administration

The most important task on the way to the implementation of the strategic goal, the construction of a democratic state based on the rule of law in the Republic of Uzbekistan, is the liberalization, modernization and democratization of public administration.

Issues of further improvement of state regulation of business activity

The main methods of state regulation of entrepreneurial activity are: registration as a business entity, state control (supervision), licensing, licensing procedures, certification, accreditation.

On improvement of the judicial and legal system

Reforms in the field of human rights and freedoms and legitimate interests are an important factor in the establishment of a democratic state based on the rule of law and in the formation of a strong civil society. The improvement of national legislation imbued with the spirit of humanism contributes to the further democratization of society and to the well-being of the population.